HOWTO: LinHES R6 and the Hauppauge HD-PVR


This guide details installing the Hauppauge HD-PVR drivers and the SVN trunk version of MythTV using LinHES R6 (previously KnoppMyth) as a starting point. My current test platform is a KRP Dragon v2.0 (specs) which uses a DirecTV receiver as the HD source.

Words of Caution:

Read the requirements above! If you don't meet the requirements, don't expect it to work. This is crazy beta stuff, so no warranties. Don't complain about loss of data, broken features/drivers/software, headaches, etc...

Your myth database will automatically be updated to the latest version and you cannot go back.  Backup your mysql database before proceeding.

Currently, all the nice MythVantage system configuration stuff will not work (it is using the stable mythtv API). This will be fixed in the future.  The MythVantage menus work in the latest LinHES release.

What is working?

All the basics work including: LiveTV (but still a buggy), recordings, commercial flagging and skipping.

What does not work?

Currently, you can't playback HD-PVR recorded interlaced content (480i or 1080i) without the frontend crashing. This is a known problem and the developers are working on it. Currently, I have my DirecTV box set to output only 720p. My HDHomeRun continues to work fine with any resolution and will deinterlace just fine.  It is rumored that you can playback interlaced content under VDPAU, but I have not verified this yet.  All resolutions are reported to be working fine in 0.23-fixes, but I have not verified this with my setup.

Lossless transcoding of HD-PVR recordings does not work. This is something that mythtranscode will need added support for in the future.  The is currently a work-around script which requires compiling the latest ffmpeg and AVIDemux (see the wiki page for details).

I don't have mythstream working. I have not tired to get it working since I don't use it.

The weather stuff seems a little broken.  MythVideo works, but is in flux.  This all works in 0.23-fixes.

There is probably more broken stuff, so let me know what you find.  With the exception of live TV, everything should be stable when using 0.23-fixes.

Prepare Your System:

Since you currently have a working and happy LinHES R6 installation, you will need to verify a few things before backing up your working baseline configuration.

First, make sure your R6 installation is up to date with the latest MythTV (with 0.22-fixes or greater installed).

sudo pacman -Syu

Make sure you are using a supported theme and OSD. If not, you will need to switch before updating. Here is the link to the stock themes currently in SVN:

Now it's time to make the backup. Go to the LinHES menu option and choose the backup option and make sure it reports success. Here are some links to making backups:

Install the HD-PVR Driver:

The HD-PVR driver is now merged with the main v4l-dvb source code repository and is included in the latest v4l-dvb package.

sudo pacman -Sf v4l-dvb
sudo modprobe hdpvr

You should now see a /dev/videoX device. This should be /dev/video0 if you have no other capture cards in the chassis (which I strongly recommend). If you do not see this device reported, then reference the MythTV HD-PVR wiki page for more info.

You probably need to add the hdpvr module to your /etc/rc.conf. I'm not sure of this step yet, so chime in and let me know.

Install the nVidia Driver with VDPAU Support:

Optionally, if you have a supported nVidia video card, you can install the nVidia drivers with VDPAU support.  These may already be installed automatically by LinHES.

sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils

It is currently suggested that you disable the compositing extension of Xorg.

sudo nvidia-xconfig --no-composite

Also enable "OpenGL VSync" in the MythTV playback setup.

For more info on VDPAU, see the MythTV VDPAU wiki page.

Install MythTV SVN Packages:

Finally, remove the stable MythTV packages and install the SVN version.

sudo pacman -R mythtv mythtv-extras
sudo pacman -S mythtv-svn mythtv-extras-svn

This step is no longer necessary as MythTV 0.22-fixes and up have support for the HD-PVR.

Add the HD-PVR Tuner

This procedure is currently in flux. The best place for the latest info is the MythTV wiki page.


The Hauppauge HD-PVR page on the MythTV wiki:

The MythTV SVN ticket for HD-PVR support:

The DirecTV serial interface script: (Now included in the mythcontrib package)

My post to the forum: